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For a stylish, durable and modern pool deck that perfectly complements the appearance of your home, look no further than Coastal Decorative Concrete, based in Flagler Beach, FL. With our expertise, you are guaranteed a stunning decorative pool deck that meets your aesthetic as well as safety needs.

We offer a range of options for your decorative concrete deck, and we can custom-design your particular deck to suit your own unique style. You can choose from a gorgeous range of textures and colors to create a deck that is inviting, as well as safe and slip-resistant. With this addition to your swimming pool area, you and your family can relax, sunbathe or enjoy a barbecue in the Florida sunshine, at your leisure. Our decks are functional, unique and longer-lasting than more traditional decking materials such as slate or wood, and offer a new elegance to the decorative concrete construction style.

Reasons for choosing our decking services:
  • Concrete is more flexible than other decking materials
  • It provides an extremely durable surface
  • We use a wide range of techniques to incorporate a stunning masterpiece to match your existing look or to completely change what you currently have.
  • Our materials are affordable, but stylish and safe
  • Your concrete deck will merge seamlessly with the natural environment of your outdoor space
  • We guarantee years of enjoyment!

Upgrade Your Pool Experience with Coastal Decorative Concrete

Experience the elegance and durability of decorative concrete pool decking with Coastal Decorative Concrete in Flagler Beach, FL. We transform pool areas into stylish, modern, and inviting spaces that are built to last, safeguarding your family with slip-resistant surfaces. Our range of designs, textures, and colors are tailored to suit your unique style and blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment.

Our decking services guarantee years of enjoyment without compromising on affordability and safety. So why wait? Take advantage of our 10-year pool deck warranty. Contact Coastal Decorative Concrete today and turn your vision into a reality. It's time to soak up the sun on your splendid new deck!

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